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Mail ‘N Fly

About Us

Intense airport security rules for hand luggage have been put in place since 9-11 and are becoming even more strict rapidly. With tens of thousands of items confiscated daily at border security, this can become very stressful for passengers that are forced to leave their valuable belongings behind. You no longer have to be forced to leave your grandfathers pocket knife or your favourite cologne behind.

Our goal is to help passengers keep something that is valuable and important to them in a constantly changing airport security enviroment.

This is where Mail ‘N Fly comes in. You no longer have to leave your belongings behind. Talk to our friendly staff at the Mail N’ Fly booth by the security check point and we will make sure your items arrive promptly and safely at your home or any other destination of your choice.




Phone: +1-416-738-2356
Mail: info@mailnfly.com